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It all begins with an opportunity. Maybe you want to turn that career into something more or have a talent to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story and who tells it for you, can make all the difference. We’re proud to represent athletes, coaches, executives and outside the box world class talents.

Our Services

Our global offices work collaboratively to service Tré talent with dedication and around the clock care. We offer full 360-degree management and representation to those who are looking to make an impact on and off the playing surface.

Client Business Incubator

No longer does a talent have to be defined by their current occupation. With numerous ways to express themselves, Tré is side by side with our clients in that journey. Now, we assist our clients in building on their established value through the creation of new ventures.

At Tré, we believe in not just dreaming big, but executing at the same level. Entrepreneurship is in our blood and our wide-ranging experience founding, operating, and investing in companies throughout the world, enables us to operate as valuable and dependable partners to the talent we build with. Through our decades of global experience and trusted contacts, we’re able to bridge the gap between markets and industries to open doors and help incubate businesses and opportunities for our clients.

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