Sports Performance

Are you a team, league or federation looking to maximize your potential?

We unlock winning ways with industry leading experts bringing best practices from the highest performers in global sport. From strategy to methodology, development, education and more, Tré is here to provide complete tailor-made solutions to transport your organization up to the top of the industry.

Our Services


Creating or fine tuning an identity and vision is critical to organization success. Through an implementation process and ongoing evaluation, your goals will become reality.


Bespoke development and delivery of a fully integrated methodology to unite your program across the board. Built upon a holistic approach through evaluation and education on the technical & tactical sides (coaching & analysis/physical/psycho-social).

Coach/Executive Education

Whether building the leaders of tomorrow or enhancing the personnel of today, we develop and deliver modules/courses to enhance organizational knowledge, know how, and best practices.

Coach Development

Utilizing goal driven development, our team will enhance and support the development of your coaches through hands on mentoring and the creation of individual coach development plans.

Talent I D & Development

We help create an innovative talent ID program and system of development. With the right strategy, execution, and development processes and pathways in place, no individual is left behind in the path to creating a robust player pool. We go outside the box and utilize non-traditional pathways and life skills development as a vehicle for pushing the individual to progress in life and in sports.

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